About The Conference

THE CITY OF CANNING CHANGING YOUR WORLD CONFERENCE - Friday 6 March, 2020 - Riverton Learning Hub (Library).

This exciting one-day event could be best described as: Disrupted meets Festival of Dangerous Ideas meets TEDX – conversations with a huge helping of creativity, collaboration and energy. The Conference aligns with the City’s Strategic Community Plan, demonstrating progressiveness in the sustainability space, and engaging our partners and stakeholders in imaginative, innovative, sustainable solutions.

The City of Canning invites attendees to take a day to jump out of their comfort zones and explore how we can 'do local governance better' within the context of a world in crisis.

Expertly MC'd by the incomparable Dr Josh Byrne, the Changing Your World Conference is a showcase of new and cutting edge thinking, mixed with creative debate and lively challenges across several different tracks for creative participants to opt into. It's an opportunity for a diverse cross-section of government, corporate and civil society to come together to unlock solutions to key sustainability challenges of our time.

We want to inspire local government and our community to collaborate on our roles and responsibilities within broader society and start to open up meaningful conversations about how we manage shared issues and create shared impact in a local context, to address global problems.

The Changing Your World Conference will also run alongside a Changing Your World Youth Sustainability Conference in partnership with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and Millennium Kids, with opportunities for cross-collaboration and a plenary presentation by the Youth of Canning on issues of significance in sustainability, and their creative solutions.


Key conference features include: Speed Date & Innovate ‘ask the expert’ lunch challenge, hosted by MC Josh Byrne; a Networking Sundowner with delicious bush-tucker foods and social enterprise wines and drinks; mini-hackathons; expert presenters; shared problem challenge games; and a youth plenary session.


While the conference is largely local governance focused, we want to inspire the community to work closely with government at all levels towards shared outcomes, so anyone who is interested in 21st Century deliberative governance, sustainability and innovation is welcome. You'll get to meet some of Perth's most progressive local government and business leaders in sustainability, and share insights into some of the major wins (and pitfalls) we've encountered. Who knows - you may just be able to help us turn those pitfalls into successes!

With a warm Welcome to Country from Shaun Nannup, inspirational documentary film-maker Damon Gameau heading up the day, and a huge array of exciting experts addressing some of the most pressing 'wicked problems' of the 21st century, we're sure to have fun, while finding new ways to go about changing our world.... and with tickets from just $40, it's the most cost effective conference you'll ever attend!


Want to know about the Changing Your World Fair & Electrikhana?

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Changing Your World - Youth

The City of Canning Changing Your World Youth Conference will bring together 100 young people from across the City to have a say about the things they care about, and co-design opportunities for change.


The program will use a “Skills for Life”  process with young people identifying the issues and challenges in their community and co-designing real-world solutions that can be implemented to make positive change.


Facilitated by Millennium Kids and Department of Biodiversity and Attractions, young people will design a One Thousand Actions for the Planet project and present their change making ideas to the decision-makers in the City at the end of the day.

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Grants to Change Your World!

If you are a not-for-profit group based in Canning or delivering services to the Canning community, there may be City of Canning grants available to help you change your world.


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